ヒラマサ、ブリに口を使わせるメタルジグ “Gummy(ガミー)”。


The jig keeps stay horizontally by getting ” a pause” from jerking and falls from the head. Kingfish or Yellowtail which go after and try to eat the jig stimulate their appetite when they see “a pause”. The falling posture is just like that a bait which runs away after getting to be vertical and then slides and falls from the head.

The jig “Gummy” lets Kingfish or Yellowtail to make using their mouths. It is high dimension and supersensitive so you can feel that the jig gets stuck by the sea water and imagine the action and the position.

The best fishing result that ever proofed is the metal jig.




The most characteristic side edge gets current and the body hovers horizontally like that Squid go after Sardine, Horse macherel and others.

Gummy 表面側面

●アイの形状について|Shape of eye


Gummy has characteristic round eye.
When jerking or retrieving the sprit ring slides in the round eye by putting “a pause” to the power fulcrum which is in the center tip of the eye. At the same time the reeder has a tension when the jig gets stuck and hovers by the sea water.

After that, by the balance between the reeder tension and the head weight the jig slides and falls from the head like that the bait runs away, which makes it possible to “stay and eat around”.


●Gummyのアクションイメージ|ACTION IMAGE




The image of the basic handling is a short jerk action in getting stuck by the sea water. That is pulling the jig by the rod with retrieving the line by the handle of the reel. You can take a load on the jig in an angle of bending rod and cause the characteristic waves in the water.

Moreover the most an effective action is “Drift & Fall” which is that under a tough condition let the jig to drift at the bottom to make a fish to “stay and eat around” and fall tempt fish to the jig more closely.


Gummy No.1 シルバー


No.1 シルバー

Gummy No.2 ピンク


No.2 ピンク

Gummy No.3 ブルーピンク


No.3 ブルーピンク

Gummy No.4 七里イワシ


No.4 七里イワシ

Gummy No.5 イワシ


No.5 イワシ

Gummy No.6 アカキン


No.6 アカキン

Gummy No.7 グリーン/ハラグロウ


No.7 グリーン/ハラグロウ

Gummy No.8 シルバーピンクライン/ハラグロウ


No.8 シルバーピンクライン/ハラグロウ

Gummy No.9 アジ


No.9 アジ

Gummy No.11 オールグローSライン


No.11 オールグローSライン

Gummy No.12 パール/ハラオレンジ


No.12 パール/ハラオレンジ

Gummy No.15 オーロラ/グローヘッド


No.15 オーロラ/グローヘッド


No.15 オーロラ/グローヘッドの発光状態。



Gummy 丸飲み

  • サイズ
    90g 110g 130g 160g 180g 200g 220g 250g 280g 310g
  • 希望小売価格
    90g:1,700円+税 110g:1,900円+税 130g:1,980円+税 
    160g:2,350円+税 180g:2,500円+税 200g:2,720円+税 
    220g:2,800円+税 250g:3,100円+税 280g:3,300円+税 
  • 本製品はフック未装備です。
  • 画像と実際の本製品では若干色合いに違いが出る場合がございます。